Everyone Has A RightFul Presence At VietFive

At VietFive, we are seeking to remove any invisible, unspoken, and unwritten barriers for our customers by providing accessibility features. We want to ensure that all of our community members are provided with intentional access, opportunities for independence, and that everyone is set up to be successful.

VietFive's Environment

The design of VietFive's space allows for ease of navigation for all customers by providing a variety of seating options and a lowered counter for accessible ordering.

VietFive also uses warm lighting and natural lighting as a way to support a more sensory-friendly environment.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Noise canceling headphones are available in adult and children's sizes. These provide customers with the option for a more peaceful coffee shop experience.

Links to learn more:

ADHD + Autism and Sensory Support

The Benefits of Headphones in Sensory Overload Environments

CORE Communication

At VietFive, we use CORE to support our customers with navigating the coffee shop setting along with new communication partners.

CORE communication is a communication tool that uses visuals that support communication development and offer guidance around routines  for various social situations. The Universal Core vocabulary is a set of 36 highly useful single words that can be used alone or in combination to communicate for a range of purposes on countless topics with a wide variety of communication partners.

Link to learn more: Project CORE

Adaptive Menus: Braille, Large Print, & Speech Output

VietFive menus provide access for our community members that may be Blind or low-vision.

Braille : a system of writing in which characters are represented by patterns of raised dots that are felt with the fingertips.

Large Print: The large print menu enlarges all the font/images on the menu to create a larger version. 

Speech Output: This menu is a read-aloud version of the menu that can be listened to as an audio file.

Adaptive Menu: Touch-Point

Our adaptive touch-point menu provides a streamlined, visually supportive version of the menu that may be used by our customers who are nonverbal or nonreaders. This allows our customers to demonstrate independence by making menu selections and customizing their order. 


A social story is written in a first-person perspective and walks through various new social experiences. This helps prepare the reader for what to expect and how they successfully navigate this new social setting. 

Check out the VietFive Social Story!

VietFive Social Story (Download)>>>

VietFive is seeking to provide customized training and coaching around implementing accessibility features for other small businesses. For more info, please contact us!