VietFive Vietnamese Robusta 101

VietFive Vietnamese Robusta 101

Our 100% Robusta Coffee is a versatile bean with bold flavors exhibiting base notes of chocolate and almond. Our beans are imported rom our red volcanic soil farm in Buôn Ma Thuột, Vietnam then small batch roasted locally in Chicago.

Since the genesis of our farm in the 1970s, we have only used Regenerative & Sustainable farming methods. We have always believed in using natural techniques to cultivate our coffee. We protect our coffee by growing pepper and peanut plants around our coffee as natural pest deterrents; and our coffee plants pollinate with butterflies native to the Buôn Ma Thuột region.


After importing our fresh green robusta coffee beans, we partner with a small batch roaster to curate 3 artisanal blends specifically designed to bring out the highest quality of flavors from our robusta beans.

Whether you have a drip coffee maker, espresso machine, french press, Keurig or a Vietnamese phin, we have a perfect roast for you!

1) Light Roast - Roasted for at home coffee makers (Drip, refillable Keurigs, etc), commercial brewers, french presses, and pour over methods.


The balance of aroma and boldness of Vietnamese robusta is what you will experience with our “Sacred Waters” light roast. 

Flavor Profile: Packed with richness of delicious profiles of cinnamon, chestnut, and maple, this roast is a welcoming cup for every coffee lover. 

2) Medium Roast - Roasted for Phin brewing, at home coffee makers, commercial brewers, french presses, or pour over methods (Chemex, Aero Press, etc)

Harmony between the flavor profiles of boldness and darkness. Once you savor the richness of VietFive coffee, it’s likely that the reference to heaven for each early morning will become routine.

Flavor Profile: This balanced sensory of smooth, chocolatey, nutty, and earthy notes is packed with the extra kick of caffeine that robusta packs.


3) Dark Roast - Roasted for Espresso makers, Phin brewing, at home coffee makers, commercial brewers, french presses, and pour over methods.

Bold and strong, yet gentle and savory. This roast exudes strength that embodies the Vietnamese Boat People, whose courage overcame adversity

Flavor Profile: Showcasing a delightful aroma that arises from its dark chocolate, hazelnut, and cranberry flavor profiles.

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